Women at Autumn Ridge

Women at Autumn Ridge

Here’s how to get connected:

If you’re new:

Try Women’s Bible Study on Wednesdays – morning and evening sessions, groups for all ages, free childcare/children’s program, teaching lecture with small groups.

If you have young children:

Try MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on alternate Thursdays. Lots of young moms, great programs.

If you would like an in-depth, focused Bible study:

Try Precepts on Tuesday mornings or evenings for personal study with directed discussion and learning.

If you’re a single mom, widowed, or are a medical spouse:

Try Healing Hearts (dealing with hurtful afflictions from the past in a small group); Single Moms’ Bible Study; Autumn Ridge Widows;  or Side by Side (medical spouse’s group) 

If you like to pray for the concerns of others or need prayer for personal concerns:

Try Watchmen Ministry (intercede for the concerns of others) or Submit a Prayer Request (ask others to intercede for concerns you may have)

If you like working on crafts:

Try A Time for Women, which meets on Thursdays once a month.

We have lots to offer, including our annual Devoted Hearts conference.

All we need is you!

Questions? Jennifer Ouren at (507) 288-8880 or e-mail Women@AutumnRidgeChurch.org.


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