Pastor Rick: The Only Modern Sensation

by Pastor Rick Henderson

I used to love a show from the BBC called Top Gear. It was a car show that was more than a car show.  To enjoy it, you didn’t need to be a gearhead, or a ‘petrolhead’ as the Brits say. Hosted by three chaps, it was fun and comedic, with fantastic cinematography. My favorite host was Jeremy Clarkson. There was something that he said in an episode that filed itself away in my brain and never left.

Speed is the only true modern sensation. –Jeremy Clarkson

I think he’s right. And it’s a pretty great sensation. Maybe he was more right than he knows. There is speed that is uniquely modern, regarding supercars. And there is speed that is uniquely modern, regarding the pace of life.  

Recently, I heard someone say that for the majority of human history, life moved at three miles an hour. Life moved at the pace of walking. While I wouldn’t want to be relegated to that for travel, it does have a strange appeal. And yet, I love a fast-paced life. Perhaps I’m addicted to charging hard, rapidly moving from one thing to the next. When I’m honest with myself, a fast-paced life is satisfying, but it’s not fulfilling.  

I wonder if God is nudging me to intentionally build in times to be slow. I know many others are sensing the same thing. Will this be an unexpected gift, a legacy of COVID? How many of us have caught a glimpse of a life that is infused with slow, thoughtful, peaceful moments?    

I’m starting to fall in love with walking. I love how it helps the frantic chaos of my mind to disentangle and settle. I love how it allows for rich conversations. I notice more and take in more when moving at a slower pace. How about you? Could you use some time of being intentionally slow?

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