Pastor Rick: Next Steps at Autumn Ridge

by Pastor Rick Henderson

I’m excited to let you know we’ve officially launched our search for the next Executive Pastor of Autumn Ridge Church.  Over the last year and a half, this position has been filled on an interim basis by Jim Fleming.  He’s been an invaluable asset to this church and to me personally.  I want to state publicly my deep gratitude for his partnership and friendship.  

Some of you may have questions about what to expect next or what kind of attributes we are targeting with this search.  The Executive Pastor Search Team has prepared an FAQ I want to share with you.  I hope you find this helpful and that you will join us in praying for the person God will bring to our church.  

Q: What will the Executive Pastor do?

       A: We are looking for a Mission Strategist to partner with Rick and church leaders in executing a strategic plan and culture shift that will further equip our church to reach the growing population of Rochester. The Executive Pastor will take ownership of moving Autumn Ridge’s strategic plan from vision to execution through the alignment of the church’s staff, business, and operational functions. 

Q: Who is on the search team

       A: Jann Wright is serving as the Chair of the Team along with Ben Boldt, Ginny Boyum, Max Broadwater, Harold Burden, Ben Creo, and Jessie Pridie.

Q: What is the timeframe?

       A: The team is working with a search firm, Chemistry Staffing, to help identify and vet candidates.  Chemistry Staffing officially launched our open position this past week. We anticipate spending the fall reviewing and talking with candidates and hope to have a person in place by the first of the year. 

Q: How long is Jim Fleming planning to stay?  

       A: Jim has agreed to stay on until March 2021.  It’s our hope to have the next Executive Pastor in place well before that time.

Q: Are we looking for diverse candidates?

       A: Yes, this has been identified as a key need for ARC. 

Q: Can the Executive Pastor be a woman?

       A:  The Autumn Ridge bylaws do not prevent women from serving in pastoral roles.  The search committee has left this open and is seeking the best-qualified candidate based on experience and skillset.

Q: Will the Executive Pastor preach? 

       A: It is not necessary for the Executive Pastor to also serve as a preaching pastor, however, they will be given the option if there is an interest. 

Q: How can we help?

      A: Join us in thanking God, as we know he has already identified the right person for ARC!  Please pray for wisdom and guidance as he leads us.

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