Brad Anderson talks about the struggles he’s had in life with doubt. – Dec. 4, 2016

Jill talks about her life in the 15-months since being diagnosed with breast cancer: her fears, her new experiences, and the multitudes of people praying for her during this battle.

Please take a few minutes to listen to her story and the song, Bow the Knee, that she and the Autumn Ridge choir sings as a testimony to God’s sovereignty and great love. – Oct 2, 2016

Jon Zeldenrust talks about being challenged by a friend to concisely explain the Gospel. That challenge became a turning point in Jon’s life.

Rich and Michelle Harris share how in the midst of a potentially terminal illness they take comfort in the fact of God’s goodness and his sovereignty. Because they are still in the midst of this battle their story is both gut-wrenching and incredibly uplifting.

John tells about divine providence and reaching out to those who have yet to accept God’s gift of salvation in Christ.

The Stocktons share how, in just a few short years, God took a vision they had for a Thanksgiving Day Run and turned it into a successful venture that has provided the funds for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day meals for the Rochester Salvation Army.

Chris Hynes tells how his marriage was essentially over and how God restored it.

Su Roland talks about how her own life has been like the stock market in recent years. She has suffered debilitating pain for many years that brought her crashing in 2011. Through God’s faithfulness she is on the road to recovery.

Angela Pankratz shares how her young daughter’s Leukemia has taught her what it means to give up control and trust God.

Jay and Tara Maier share about God’s faithfulness during their struggle with advanced cancer.