Generosity Update: Because You Gave

by Beth Huffman

“Something was missing.”

This was the thought that kept running through the minds of our AR Kids Team. As we looked over our nursery and preschool rooms where the youngest Autumn Ridgers were learning about God’s love for them, something was simply missing.

After much observation, reflection, and prayer, we realized that the nursery and preschool rooms needed some updates– new toys, sippy cups, and a new outside playset. The sippy cups we had in the nursery were from the old location – 1st Baptist, so to say they had seen better days was an understatement. The outside playset for the preschool children had also seen better days; it was falling apart with broken, jagged edges and faded from years of being in the sun. And finally, the toys – many of which had been donated to the church years ago – just needed an update. We also noticed that we lacked multicultural dolls and crayons.

Early Childhood was so fortunate to partner with Women’s Bible Study to do a fundraiser for all the new items we needed. Because the Women’s Bible Study was so generous in their giving, the Early Childhood rooms at Autumn Ridge Church were blessed! We received a whole new outside playset (which will go out once the weather is a bit better and the retaining wall is repaired), new sippy cups for the nursery, and many new toys in the nursery and preschool rooms for the children to enjoy. We were blessed with multicultural dolls for each room, multicultural crayons so children can color pictures of all of God’s children, new doll houses, tool sets, and play kitchens with play food. 

As Early Childhood is preparing to reopen all the nursery and preschool rooms on May 16th, the AR Kids Team is very eager to hear the laughter and joy these new toys will bring to our youngest Autumn Ridgers. God truly works in the generous hearts of the people of Autumn Ridge Church. 

Thank you for giving!