06/18/17 – 07/09/17

2 Peter: Don't Be Deceived

Peter’s second letter is similar to all of the other “epistle sequels” in the New Testament – 2 Corinthians, 2 Thessalonians, 2 Timothy, and 2 John. They all deal with error or apostasy. In Peter’s first letter, he wanted to comfort those believers who were going through challenging times. In his second letter, he needed to caution Christians who were playing with the fire of false teaching. Because of this, 2nd Peter is full of warnings. In some ways it is comparable to Jude, which Pastor John preached on in 2015.

Peter’s second epistle is naturally divided in three parts and that is the way we will study it. On the weekend of June 17-18, Pastor Jason speaks on Faith’s Convictions (chap. 1). On July 1-2, Pastor Woody speaks on Faith’s Contention (chap. 2). Finally, Pastor Dan will conclude the series with Faith’s Consummation (chap. 3).