We live in a world that desperately needs to hear truth, experience truth, and encounter the one who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The fact is that truth exists; only falsehood has to be invented.

This comes after a long period of prayer and planning by our Pastors and Elders, as we reflected on what would help us develop as disciples of Jesus who love God and serve people. We had a growing conviction that we should focus on truth.

First, we believe that Jesus is the ultimate truth. To know him is to know eternal reality. Jesus is the truth. He is truth personified. He is the source of all truth, the embodiment of truth, and therefore the reference point for evaluating all truth claims.

Additionally, we are a church that stands on scripture, which is where God reveals his truth to us. Truth is more than facts. Truth is not just something we act upon. Truth acts upon us. We can’t change the truth, but the truth can change us. Truth sanctifies and sets us apart from the falsehoods woven into our sin nature.

Here’s a summary of what the three years look like:

  • Year 1: Embrace the Truth – an emphasis on Scripture
  • Year 2: Extend the Truth – an emphasis on Outreach
  • Year 3: Engage the Truth – an emphasis on Community

Year Two: Extend the Truth

Our theme verse is Isaiah 40:8 “The word of our God stands forever.”

This year, as we look at extending the truth, you will find many resources for outreach and sharing your faith.


Video Resources

“It’s Amazing”

This video talks about a life that lasts forever and a relationship that will never let you down.
Video length: 2:06

© 2013 Dare 2 Share and Youth Alive.
Used by permission.

“Falling Plates”

A video with powerful imagery and a very clear presentation of our predicament and God’s solution.
Video length: 4:07

© 2012 Cru.
Used by permission.

Conversation Starters