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Young Married Ministry

The Young Married Ministry is a large group of young married couples with or without children that have committed to loving one another, providing support and encouragement, and caring for each other during an exciting and challenging stage of life. We want to invite you to become part of this wonderful community and share in the joy that comes from having friends who will invest heavily in your life and marriage.

Building a good marriage is a challenge for many couples, but God’s Word reveals his plan for marriage and teaches us about living and enjoying married life. As a ministry, we desire to see marriages strengthened and couples grow in Christ-likeness. There are many steps we have taken to create an environment of growth, community, and care.

As a ministry, it is our prayer that God may richly bless your marriage, that it may be protected from evil, and that your marriage would strengthen and grow so that you can be a blessing to others.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Young Married Ministry, checking out a small group, requesting to meet with a marriage mentor, or information on a large group activity, we encourage you to contact

The Young Married Ministry Leadership Team

Fusion Young Adults

Fusion exists to connect single young adults in fellowship, enfold them into community, embolden them in their faith in Jesus Christ, challenge them to grow spiritually, and identify their gifts and passions in order to equip them to expand God‘s Kingdom.

  • Great place to gather… Community wide invitation
  • Fun place to connect… Know and be known
  • Safe place to explore faith… Ask your questions
  • Easy place to meet others… No pressure


Meeting Tuesdays 7:00 pm

Fusion is meeting at the Lighthouse at ARC.  Remember to come in the back doors (gym doors). They are the only ones open at 7 pm now.

Autumn Ridge Church Location:

Lighthouse – 2nd floor
Autumn Ridge Church
3611 Salem Road SW
Rochester, MN
(507) 288-8880

Small Groups

Small Groups: Every week couples gather in small groups to study God’s Word. We have groups that meet on most evenings of the week, and we would be delighted to have you become part of one of these smaller communities at Autumn Ridge Church. It is our desire to see every young couple involved in a small group.

Marriage Mentors

Marriage Mentors: We are blessed to have seasoned married couples that mentor younger couples by walking together through life. These mentors spur conversation between husband and wife and are very open and honest with their past failures and successes.


Events: We also have regular large group activities. These are great times for fellowship and meeting new couples. We would love for you to join us. Keep your eyes open for notices in RidgeLines, or visit ridgeLINK for upcoming events and activities.

Biblical Parenting Class

Biblical Parenting Class: It is our goal at ARC to do our best to equip parents to bring up their children in ways that are pleasing to God. One aspect of reaching that goal is to present parents with opportunities to learn what the Bible specifically has to say about this topic and to offer resources to help in this effort.

To this end, we periodically offer our young parents a biblical parenting class. Check back often for more information and links to the registration forms for these classes.

Interested in Young Adults

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events