June 24 – July 2

Grades 9-12

Honduras is a country in South America that boarders Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

High school students will experience ministry and life in Central America by partnering with ARC supported missionaries Carlos and Barbara Barahonas. Student will assist the Barahonas as they promote education and evangelism in Tegucigalpa.

Students will support the Barahons as they run a Christian school and by building beds for impoverished children who must sleep on the ground. Students will also help clear property for a new teen education center that the Barahonas are planning.

There will also be time to experience culture, including visiting local markets, villages and other indigenous sites.

Apply to be a part of the Honduras Team

December 4 – January 15


Do you use the current grade or the grade the student will enter following the summer?

Current grade the student is in when applying. 2016-17 school year.

What is the cost of the trip?


How will students travel to Honduras?

Students will take a bus chartered by Autumn Ridge Church to the airport and will fly to Honduras.

Are there ways for students to raise money for their trip?

Yes! Students can participate in the hire a student program, send mission support letters to friends and family, mission commissioning offering/fundraiser.

Where will student stay while in Honduras?

Students will be staying at the home of Barbra and Carlos Barahonas.  Students will have bunk beds. It is a dorm style setting. There are american outlets, indoor plumbing.  Students will need to pack their own bedding, towels, etc.

Do cell phones work in Honduras?

No, cellphones will not work.

Is the food and water safe?

Yes the food and water is safe to eat and drink.  Water will be bottled or prepared in advance prior to use.

What medical prevention is needed for my student prior to traveling?

Every country has different requirements. We advise that you speak with your doctor and or a travel clinic.