Curious what sort of opportunities are before us right in Rochester? Want something to help remind you and guide you in praying for our supported missionaries? Check out the Missions Resources.

Outside the Walls

Local Outreach

Food 4 Friends: provides backpacks of supplemental food for children who are likely missing meals over the weekend. Click here for a link to an MPR story about this program. Contact:

Shop 4 Kids: provides a network of volunteers to shop for the physical needs of children as identified by their teachers. Contact:




For more information and to serve, please contact Mariann Gray at





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Global Missions – Our Global Missions Initiatives

Education and Events: There are many world issues that Christians should be aware of that affect millions around the world. Some of these issues are social justice issues or perhaps global health crises. Autumn Ridge Church actively engages in educating the congregation in the areas of: Human Trafficking, Church Persecution and Clean Water.

Annual Missions Festival: Every year, we set aside two weekends of the year to focus on our missions efforts throughout the world. We may have a special speaker come to share with us or a few or our supported missionaries. Each year centers on a specific theme. We seek to engage every ministry of the church in the Missions Festival while communicating, educating, celebrating and challenging our congregation.

International Care: Autumn Ridge Church is pleased to be a Charity Care partner with Mayo Clinic. This allows us to identify patients from around the world that need life saving treatment or surgery that is not available in their home country. We are able to partner with other organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse to provide the care necessary to heal a person physically. Our prayer is that if they do not know the Love of God, that they would be healed spiritually as well.

Unity English: Unity English is a place to make friends and learn English. It is open to all Nationalities in our community. Our 3 levels of classes are offered for Free and taught by enthusiastic teachers. Each week we open our Bibles, and also cover a variety of topics. Childcare is also offered for Free. Classes are offered from September to May. For more information contact you can e-mail April Borrillo.

Mission Teams: The Autumn Ridge Church Short Term Missions program seeks to partner with our supported missionary families and organizations already hard at work within worldwide local communities. We pray our teams help facilitate the work the work that has already been started by these faithful servants. Teams are structured around relief, rehabilitation or development. Short Term teams travel to Kenya, Kosova, Costa Rica, Bolivia and other places.

Missionary Care: Autumn Ridge Church is honored to support 32 missionary families or individuals. Studies have shown us that the key to missionary success and longevity is continued prayer and encouragement from home churches. We seek to have create meaningful communication and relationships between our missionaries and congregation by adopting our missionaries to congregational families or small groups.

Student Missions: Student Missions strives to introduce youth in middle school and high school to God’s Global Church by actively engaging in service locally and around the world. There are three types of trips: a Rochester trip that serves local organization; a domestic trip that serves somewhere around the country; and an international trip. Each one of these trips works with organizations that Autumn Ridge Church has committed to partnering with.

Compassion Evangelical Hospital: In 1991, Autumn Ridge Church (then First Baptist) formally adopted the Maninka people group in Guinea, West Africa. We committed to praying for the Maninka and supporting the missionary work being done there. In 2007, we had the opportunity to partner with a new missions hospital being built at a crossroads in Guinea where the Maninka would travel. Over that past 5 years, we have actively engaged in partnership with the Compassion Evangelical Hospital through prayer, financial, medical and educational resources. Compassion Evangelical Hospital – [LINK:]

Interested in Missions and Outreach

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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