What is discipleship? Most Christians would agree it begins with the understanding that Jesus died for our sins, and belonging to him involves repenting and receiving him as the Lord and leader of our lives. But it also recognizes that Jesus lived transparently in front of his disciples in order to teach them how to live. They, in turn, were to live transparently before others, humbly teaching them the way of Christ.

This approach to discipleship involves not just information but transformation. God’s goal isn’t to simply fill the world with people who believe the right things. It is to fill the world with people who shine with the brilliance of Christ.

It is with this understanding and commitment that we invite you to participate in learning and living the life of Christ with others at Autumn Ridge Church. We have many different opportunities to equip you to become a devoted disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ. Please check out the opportunities at the links below.

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Upcoming Events

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