Developing Disciples of Christ who Love God and Serve People

We believe that a person who seeks to live a Christ-centered life will value the Bible, connect with God in worship, and grow in their faith through intentional discipleship (following Christ’s example for living). All the ministries of Autumn Ridge Church exist to fulfill one purpose: to make disciples of Jesus Christ who love God and serve people. This section of the website will show you our many ministry offerings to help you grow in the Christian faith and offer support from life’s first breath to it’s last.

We believe that a disciple of Christ who loves God will demonstrate that by:

  1. a desire to know God’s Word, the Bible,
  2. a desire to worship God personally each day and corporately with God’s people and
  3. a commitment to the practices that yield personal discipleship.

In the same way, we believe that a disciple of Christ who serves people:

  1. will live in meaningful fellowship (community) with other believers,
  2. will seek to find their personal giftedness for service and
  3. will share God’s compassion for the world.