When you come to Autumn Ridge for the first time, you can expect to worship God in a dynamic environment.  You are challenged to dig deeper into the Bible.  You have an opportunity to meet new people, and make connections in our café and bookstore.  We hope that you feel welcomed into the family of God at Autumn Ridge.  There is no dress code, and there are no expectations except that you prepare to meet with God in worship.  During a typical weekend, we have 1800-2000 people worship with us.  Attendance at any one service ranges from 600-900 people.

We welcome people of all ages.  We have programs for youth and children during all of our worship services.  Our children’s program offers a computerized check-in system that gives parents assurance of security.  Click here for more details about opportunities for your kids.

Service Times & Location

Saturday 5:30 PM – Worship Band
Sunday 9:00 AM – Choir & Orchestra
Sunday 10:30 AM – Worship Band

Additional Service Time Information

Because we are a diverse gathering of believers in a diverse community, we have two distinct worship formats to choose from:

  • The Traditional Worship Service, led by the choir and orchestra
  • The Contemporary Worship Services, led by a band and vocal team

However, all services are guided by our worship philosophy and Worship Core Values, providing an essential unity of spirit and purpose to both of these worship expressions.

Saturday Evening

  • 5:30PM Contemporary Service (led by a band and vocal team)
  • Saturday Night Dinner: 6:40PM

Sunday Morning

  • 9:00 AM Traditional Service (hymns, choir, organ, and orchestra)
  • 10:30 AM Contemporary Service (led by a band and vocal team)

Read the history of Autumn Ridge Church

Autumn Ridge is the oldest church in the city of Rochester. We are approximately 160 years old. Dan Carlson, a member of our congregation, compiles a history of our church body.