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LIFE at Autumn Ridge Church


Upon entering the 60-acre Autumn Ridge property on Salem Road, we are reminded of the amazing splendor of the countless living things that share this home with us. Too often we take their beauty for granted, or forget to share it with our children and neighbors.

As an encouragement to slow down and take notice of the seasonal beauty of the plants and animals of Autumn Ridge, a father-daughter team from the congregation collected information and assembled images from local photographers to produce a small nature booklet. Entitled simply Life at Autumn Ridge, this 12-page color brochure is intended to provide a self-guided tour to interested walkers through any or all of seven points of natural interest around the Autumn Ridge property.  The guide shares images and information highlighting biology and ecology. With appropriate clothing and footwear, determined hikers can enjoy the entire circuit in an hour. Those with more time to invest in quiet watching and listening can enjoy more with each visit.

We are delighted by the congregation’s commitment to biodiversity. This commitment has included preservation and restoration of the site’s natural wetland, prairie, oak savannah, cropland, and establishment of ponds, landscaped planting beds and trees. A master design by Twin Cities landscape architect Peter Larson has guided the efforts of facilities staff and volunteers from the congregation and community.

Autumn Ridge Church members, their guests, and the public are invited to enjoy self-guided tours of the property at their leisure. Parents will want to supervise younger children as they cross the parking lot or walk near open water. Every season brings new animals and plants to observe and enjoy. Walkers should feel free to listen and look and photograph the natural beauty, but should leave it undisturbed.

Life at Autumn Ridge is the product of father-daughter team Jim and Christina Maher.

Jim is a Ph.D. molecular biologist, research scientist, and educator at Mayo Clinic.

His younger daughter, Christina, is a graphic design major at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.